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2019-20 Autumn Term - World War 2 & Toys

Our new curriculum kicked off with two topics that the children have really enjoyed. The infants have focused on 'Toys' and the junior topic has been 'World War 2'. 


2019-20 - Term 1 - Children in Class 4 spent Wednesday morning baking cakes and biscuits ready for a World War 2 Tea-Party that all of the parent s were invited to! The feedback was amazing and the children looked great dressed as evacuees.

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 4 spent the morning setting up for their World War 2 tea-party by model making, baking and getting everything ready for their parent's arrival.

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 5 presented a wonderful assembly about all they had learned during their World War 2 topic. It included models they had made, poetry, posters and lots lots more. Very impressive everybody!

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 2's topic outcome was to create models of the characters from their class novel, 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy'. They are then going to perform a show and read the novel to Class 4!

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 2's outcome was to perform a puppet show to Class 4 with characters they had made in Art whilst reciting the story of 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy'!

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 3's outcome to their World War 2 topic was to visit the residents of 'The Hollies' and recite war poetry and sing war songs that they had both learnt and written.

2019-20 - Term 1 - As part of our World War 2 topic, children have made their own gas mask boxes with various items to put inside them. 

2019-20 - Term 1 - Class 1 asked parents in to play with the toys they had made as part of their topic! They were extremely excited to see them!!!

2019-20 - Term 1 - Our class novels in Key Stage 1 and 2 have this term reflected our World War 2 and Toys topics.

2019-20 - Term 1 - This term we have had a timeline put up in school which includes a section bespoke to our school and the local area. History is a big focus for us this year at St. Mary's. We have mixed classes at school which means children will not be taught History in chronological order. Therefore it is vital that they understand exactly where each period in History fits on the  timelines in classes and the main timeline in the junior corridor which we have had fitted this Autumn term.  (please see below). This year we have received training on exciting and innovative ways of teaching chronology through timelines so children have a thorough understanding of this. 

2019-20 - Term 1 - In Key Stage 1, children have been learning about toys in History lessons. This has included a local artist visiting Class 1 and making toys that their Grandmas and Grandads might have played with.

2019-20 - Term 1 - Children in Class 5 have been reading the novel 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. As part of their Literacy unit they have employed drama techniques to investigate the characters involved.

2019-20 - Term 1 - Our local artist has also worked in Class 1 creating Anderson Shelters, Remembrance designs and poppy patterned work.

2019-20 - Term 1 - Our Junior classes researched various soldiers who had died during World War's 1 and 2. They then created a Cross in memory of the fallen soldiers. 

2019-20 - Autumn Term - Warbutons bakery visited our school and all of the classes in the juniors got to make a World War 2 themed packed lunch!

2019-20 - Autumn Term - Another major focus this year is Music. Children have taken part in a whole host of singing events, much of which has taken place in the community. This has included: singing at The Hollies residential home; singing at Accrington Town Hall; the Mount Carmel Carol Concert; the Churches Together event at All Saints Church; musical performances from children playing the flute, the guitar and the piano in front of parents at assemblies; singing at the local Co-op; practicing for the forthcoming Sing Together event and much, much more. The new Cheranga scheme has been introduced in school which is going down really well with our children.

2019-20 - Autumn Term - Bob Turner has been a regular visitor to school as outdoor education is a fundamental part of our new curriculum. Children have been planting and growing their own vegetables which have then been delivered to local food banks.