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‘Learning English plays an essential role in our lives and helps us to communicate well through reading, writing, speaking and listening.’

English Reading

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum at St. Mary's and our pupils achieve extremely well due to the variety of reading opportunities provided throughout the day. Our last Key Stage 2 results revealed that we were in the top 10% for progress in reading and in the top 10% for children achieving the higher standard in Lancashire (over 40% of the year group). These are just some of the ways that reading is taught at St. Mary's.  Are end of Key Stage 2 results show a three year upward trend with 100% progress made by all children from their starting point in Reception Class and nearly 50% of children making more than expected progress.

Guided Reading 

Children are taught guided reading every day in their classes. They work in different ability groups and have a pre-read before engaging with their teacher in a guided read. Following this, they are set tasks which will reveal their understanding to the age appropriate learning. Please see the link below for a selection of children's writing throughout the school. These comprise of a huge variety of written follow-up tasks which the children do independently.

English Writing