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2019-20 Spring Term 1st Half - 'Who's the Mummy' & 'Blown Away'


KS1 - 'Blown Away'





These are the class novels that we are reading, linked to our topics.

The outcome of the KS1 topic of 'Blown Away' was a winter walk packed full of exciting learning activities. Two of our Reception children wrote super reviews of their fun afternoon.

January 2020 - Our resident artist, Jo, visited Class 2 last Friday to enrich their topic focusing on different seasons of the year and teaching skills such as mixing primary colours and tinting. 

EYFS Workshops for parents have been Maths orientated this half-term.

KS2 - 'Who's the Mummy?'

These are the class novels that we are reading, linked to our topics.

February 2020 - The juniors rounded off their Ancient Egypt topic with a series of round robin activities organised and manned by different staff members this afternoon. Well done Sam in Class 4 for playing a fantastic Egyptian piece on piano to the whole of Key Stage 2 to introduce it all!

This half-term we are practicing for Sing Together. Our parent helper, Mrs Blezard is leading choir practice each Thursday afternoon. Pictured above are the people behind'Sing Together' who come to practice with the children each half-term.

Class 4 created their own Egyptian 'Death Mask' patterns.

We have made links with a school in Leyland and Bob Turner (CAFOD representative) will take children from Class 3 for eco-sessions in the outdoor classroom. 

Blackburn Rovers have been into school to coach children in Class 4.

The Cheranga scheme has really taken off in every class this term and children are learning new instruments and songs weekly.